October 2016


Ministry of Economy and Industry

Ministry of Economy and Industry - PHOTO METI PROJECT

The website has two aspects, showcasing breathtakingly beautiful photos of scenic areas and festivals, as well as distributing them as stock photos by through the Creative Commons License. The goal is to make inbound tourists become fans of the many rural areas and gain interest in visiting the areas. The site is synced with the "Tourism Forecasting Platform", which provides basic information about the photographic sites, congestion information, and etc., in the form of infographics. Together with photographs of tourist spots, it develops a flowing visual art piece.This video-like interface was designed as a device to present still pictures more attractively. Because photography can make you feel deja vu at one glance, it is made with intention to revitalize the feeling each time the photos are seen.



1609-dw-photometi-1 Ehime Kurushima-kaikyo-ohashi Bridges, from Mt. Kiro 1609-dw-photometi-2 Fukushima Shiramizu Amida-do Hall (National Treasure 1609-dw-photometi-3 Kumamoto Kikuchi Gorge 1609-dw-photometi-4 Kyoto Tateiwa Rock