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Rhizomatiks Design provided art direction and programming for the “Remember Our Stadium” project, which photographed patrons to the National Olympic Stadium on its last night of operation, thus preserving the stadium for posterity in the form of a sculptural 3D object.


  • Client: Japan Sport Council
  • Executive Creative Director: Yuya Furukawa (Dentsu)
  • Creative Director: Kaoru Sugano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
  • Creative Director: Kota Tohata (Dentsu)
  • Creative Director: Daito Manabe(Rhizomatiks Research)
  • Art Director/Designer: Hiroyasu Kimura (Rhizomatiks Design)
  • Art Director: Shinya Seino (Dentsu)
  • Copy Writer:Kana Koyama (Dentsu)
  • Producer: Hikaru Ikeuchi (Dentsu)
  • Producer: Hidenori Chiba (Rhizomatiks)
  • Event Producer: Kohei Ai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
  • Event Producer: Naoto Yamada (Dentsu TEC)
  • Front End Programmer: Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research)
  • Front End Programmer: Kentaro Mito
  • Front End Programmer: Minoru Sako
  • Back End Programmer: Hajime Sasaki (mountposition)
  • Back End Programmer: Shunsuke Shiino (mountposition)
  • Movie Producer: Takahiko Kajima (P.I.C.S)
  • Photography: Muryo Honma(Rhizomatiks Research)
  • CG: Hitoshi Morita (Tymote)
  • Sound Design: Ayako Taniguchi
  • Movie Director: Takashi Tomohisa
  • CG: TAKCOM(P.I.C.S management)
  • Production Manager: Yoshie Nishikawa (P.I.C.S)